Happy New Year

May this year be your best ever.  Remember, you can make it happen.  The responsibility for your well-being should never be shifted to someone else.

My book signing for Secret Lives on December 13, 2009 went well in spite of the cloudy weather.  Many of those who came also attended my very first book event for Friends To Die For.  We had a lively discussion of my writing llife since the publication of Friends.  With this posting, I have included some pictures from the event.

As you engage with the characters in Secret Lives and their struggles to escape their pasts, I ask each of you to consider what you did to leave unwanted bits of your past behind.  It’s not easy.  There are certain aspects you can never walk or run away from.

Click on comments and discuss the characters’ struggles with me.  You will recognize these people.  You see them all the time; strivers, wannabes and schemers.


First 4 images taken by book signing attendee Cathy.  Thanks Cathy!

Roz discussing Secret Lives

Roz discussing Secret Lives

Roz Book Signing

Jacque shows off her copy of Secret Lives

Roz Book Signing

Roz and Cathy


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