Write Back

Many of you visit this blog, talk to me directly in person, through phone calls or at book events. I want to say how much I enjoy these interactions and I’d like to hear from you more often. I invite you to make comments on the blog about any book issue you’d like to comment about (see the comment button below on the left). Remember this is a blog for book people. What books do you like? Why? What interesting book have you read lately? What is your favorite literary genre? Why? What issues would you like me to address in the blog? I welcome your comments about previous posts.

What do you think about the characters in Secret Lives? How would you act in their situations? Some of you have only recently read Friends To Die For. You may want to comment about that book. Please do.


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One response to “Write Back

  1. mildred morse

    Hang in there with your edits and re-writes. I can’t wait until your new book is published and available. Will fence lots of time to just read and enjoy your book. Milli

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