Just to keep you posted on my progress

Life’s Little Manual is complete, however, I’m in the review and rewrite phase now. This is a very tedious process, because I must continuously go over the manuscript, printing it out, sometimes as many as three times in one day.

This is probably the loneliest time in any author’s journey, reading the same words over and over. But, it has to be done. It is during this phase many of those wonderful words, phrases and sometimes entire paragraphs are cut from the manuscript. It is like getting rid of a close friend, very wrenching. To be frank, I believe this is the most important part of the journey because you are tightening the work. You may make small additions, but cutting is a high priority at this stage.

During the many rewrites of Friends to Die For, I cut an entire chapter. After publication when I packed away and stored all those rewrites I kept that chapter with important papers. Go figure.

I hope all you budding authors will find some solace in my experience. Cutting is a vital part of the process. It makes your work leaner and cleaner.

Enough about rewrites. Once they are finished the manuscript will go to the editor.

Best, Roz



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3 responses to “Just to keep you posted on my progress

  1. Chris LeFlore

    Roz, what is the subject matter of Life’s Little Manuals?

  2. Deloris Stephenson

    Delighted to know that you have completed, “Life’s Little Manual”. I look forward to its publication. Continued success!

  3. Dorothea Baity

    Thanks for the progress reports. I am looking forward to the book. I’m really proud of you. Way to Go!!

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