Further Notes on My Literary Journey

I enjoy sharing my writing experiences with you because you have been with me from the beginning. Much that I write about on-line relates to the art of creating stories, however, the process of growth has lessons in many aspects of life.

If you’re writing, I suggest you go deep into your culture and there you’ll find all the hope you need to tell your own stories. Check your cultural cues and they will open new roads for writing and telling stories. I did just that with Friends. As an African American I pondered our world-view of friendship. I remembered how my grandmother, my mother, mother-in-law and other important women in my life interacted with their friends. It gave me a starting point.

Often friendships are as valuable as family relationships. Because families are so scattered these days, sometimes friends are more valuable. An individual’s need for connections, validation, emotional support, approval etc., can, on occasion, only be met by friends.

The coming holidays will bring many opportunities for you to be a supportive friend.



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